Patio into Paradise

-Submitted by Anonymous:

Patio is transformed into a greenhouse“What seemed to be an unfinished patio cover a few years back has developed into a wonderful winter paradise for the whole family. Although it started out as a 8 by 8 little plastic and fiberglass sheathed room, it eventually developed into a 8 by 25 foot system that could be installed each fall in a weekend for about $60.00. Continue reading

A Dream Come True

-Submitted by Robert “Bo” Kissinger; Charlotte, North Carolina:

Kissinger greenhouse exterior“Hello Shane,

I finished building this greenhouse in September 2001. I designed it and built it myself. It took approximately 2 -3 months to complete. I love plants and had built a small a greenhouse about 10 years ago that cost me nearly $300.00!. This greenhouse was quite a bit more expensive, Continue reading

Why Settle for a Cold Frame?

-Submitted by Anonymous:

Cold frame“Our greenhouse came about because we wanted a better cold frame to harden off plants started in our basement. Well it soon became a true greenhouse, even able to contend with a portion of our cold Wisconsin winters. Shane’s book has proved invaluable in answering all of the questions, which arise when undertaking such a project.

The construction took most of the previous summer. Attached to the back of our garage, standing structurally free, Continue reading

A Cooler Greenhouse!

-Submitted by Anonymous:

Greenhouse made from old coolers.I live in Coeurd’Alene, Idaho and I work for a beverage company and we frequently throw away old coolers that are on the fritz. I had a thought one day that I could use those doors for something since they are tempered 3 paned glass. The next thing I knew I had a beautiful greenhouse thanks to my sweet and crafty husband!

Tropical Minnesota!

-Submitted by Carol Ford; Morris, MN:

young man with thermometer“Here’s a couple of photos from the beginnings of the greenhouse construction. My boyfriend Chuck keeps saying we should write an article about it to get published in Mother Earth News or something–but who’s got the time when there are seeds to sow and potting soil to mix!?!

What we’re hoping to do this coming summer Continue reading

PBM Group’s “Gardener’s Greenhouse” Review

-Submitted by D. Haney; Provo UT:

“My husband purchased the Gardener’s Greenhouse from the PBM Group.
We are thrilled as can be with it. This is a good first step into greenhouse gardening. This four by four foot structure took my husband a day to put together and it is everything the company promised. The shelving is sturdy, I can easily access my seed trays, and the optional automatic louver works beautifully. Continue reading