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– Sharon Wooton, The Daily Herald

“It’s the real McCoy, a guide to the mysteries of creating and maintaining a greenhouse that turns out more than most readers could dream about. Smith presents the yin and yang of greenhouse without talking down to the uninitiated or insulting the experienced.”

– Lauren Springer, author of The Undaunted Garden

“The Bible on this topic.”

– Publishers Weekly

“This book leads the reader painlessly through the steps and requirements of owning and gardening
in a greenhouse… This is a book to live with”

– Bloomsbury Review

“More how-to books could use the chatty, personal style of this very useful gardening guide. At 500 pages, it is a great bargain for gardeners in all climates”

– HortIdeas

“As Director of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Shane Smith has been on the vanguard of “user-friendly” greenhouse design and utilization for several years. Virtually any question which might be asked by either a novice or an advanced home greenhouse gardener is answered fully.  We can’t give a higher recommendation than that!”

Reviews from our Readers

Dear Mr. Smith,

I recently purchased a greenhouse and attempted to read several books on this subject. Most books made me feel like a criminal if I didn’t follow their ways to the word. I came across your book Greenhouse Gardeners Companion in a local Barnes and Noble. I sat down to read it in the store. When I got to page 14 I read a caption under an illustration that read “an international candle can only be found in the UN gift shops. I laughed so loud that an employee came over and asked me if I was OK!!!!!!!!!!. Being from Staten Island (which is part of NYC) I found this quite amusing. I pictured my neighbor going to the UN and asking for an international candle!!!!!! God bless her. She is an amazing woman who is up there in age. But people like her are one of the main reasons I purchased a greenhouse.

Every spring I grow vegetable seedlings in my house, usually more than I could ever use. Most of them I wind up giving away but I also go to neighbors or friends houses and plant them. I was considering going into the business but I don’t think money could match the satisfaction I get out of this. This coming spring I will do a mass planting of tomatoes and give them to the people that tend the community garden. Maybe I will sell them after I retire in a few years but for now I’ll continue to give them away.

The way your book is written actually made learning about greenhouses easy and Fun. Those little jokes you throw in are a riot.

Anyway this letter is to thank you for the words in your book and for the work you do at the Cheyenne Gardens. I’m sure your work there isn’t easy but its probably very gratifying. You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others. I may not ever get out to Wyoming but if I do I’ll be sure to visit. Thanks again!

Bob Volsario

Hello Shane,

This past summer I finally (at age 66) added a greenhouse to my property–something I’ve wanted since a kid who learned perennial gardening with my mother, and vegetable gardening with both my father and mother. (They always wanted a greenhouse too, but being poor dairy
farmers in Central NY, never had the means.)

This Christmas, I had the great good fortune to receive a copy of your book, ‘Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion,’ and I have read it cover to cover.  What a great reference work!…I have been using it as such since Christmas, and will no doubt continue to do so as I learn more
about gardening in my greenhouse.

Having worked in the medical profession for my whole career, I’m fascinated by your credential as a Horticultural Therapist.  What a noble endeavor!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for writing the great book!

Best regards,
Doug Whitman
Marcellus, NY

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