Labor of Love

-Submitted by W.L. Heath; from north central Massachusetts:

Greenhouse in Massachusetts“I have been working on my greenhouse since the beginning of August and it is nearly done. I have to share with you pictures I took of it because it is through the knowledge I acquired mainly from your book. I used some of Norm Abram’s (of The New Yankee Workshop) construction ideas and adapted them to my own design. I weighed heavily the design considerations for a functioning green house set forth in your book.

The location of my greenhouse is north central Massachusetts. My intention is to use it all winter (brr…). It is a 10 ft x 12 ft structure. I plan to incorporate the solar greenhouse philosophy because I haven’t got electricity in it yet. The materials used for the framing is 2 x 4 Mahogany. It sits upon cement block that are three feet in depth at it’s deepest point. The foundation has a footing that is 12 in x 12 in. All was manufactured from the 2 x 4′s, including the door. I don’t have solar window openers as of yet for the 10 windows but are coming.

I broke ground on the first week of August and have been working on it on the weekends and after work. On October 15, 2000 I took the photos (ATTACHED) and I would like to think it is 98% finished. (except for getting some plants started). The cost to me was just under $2300.00. The labor was free. As the title suggests, it was a labor of luv.

Thanks for all your help.

P.S. I found the McKlosky marine spar varnish that covers each and every board on all sides with 2 coats.”

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