Greenhouse Blessings

-Submitted by Nan:

Greenhouse built from salvaged windows“I guess the best thing that is going on in my greenhouse, is the construction of it!! :0)

But, what makes mine sooo special is the fact that my husband is building it. That might seem normal; but he is doing this while enduring radiation treatment for cancer. I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful and loving husband that wanted to make sure he saw to my dream coming true to own my own greenhouse; while ignoring his own worries and physical problems.

Right now; we’re harvesting a lot of love, prayer, and satisfaction as we watch it come together. By mid to late spring; I’ll be ready for my first attempt at gardening in a greenhouse. A lot of herbs, flowers, and some veggies to start with; but most of all a lot of love and blessings are hoped to be harvested for my husband and all his love and efforts to allow this dream to materialize!

Counting Blessings!!

A few weeks later . . .

“My husband used some old windows that he salvaged from a building that was being torn down here in town.  They worked out great for my South and North walls; he build this green house atop our existing concrete patio, which works out great.  It is attached to my house; I can step out of my family room right into my greenhouse.  I have one raised bedding area right now; but plan on installing another before next spring. . .”

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