Early Goliath and Sun Gold are favorites in the greenhouse!

TWO of my favorite tomatoes for the greenhouse:
Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse

EARLY GOLIATH (from Totally Tomatoes): Most impressive of the season. Big early fruit. Good disease resistance. Good flavor. Best of all it had the vigor to continue on throughout the season!

SUN GOLD (from Johnny’s Selected Seeds): Always a great flavored cherry tomato. High-yielding, heat tolerant but some cracking.

PBM Group’s “Gardener’s Greenhouse” Review

-Submitted by D. Haney; Provo UT:

“My husband purchased the Gardener’s Greenhouse from the PBM Group.
We are thrilled as can be with it. This is a good first step into greenhouse gardening. This four by four foot structure took my husband a day to put together and it is everything the company promised. The shelving is sturdy, I can easily access my seed trays, and the optional automatic louver works beautifully. Continue reading

Q & A re: Tomatoes, cucumbers, sodium lighting


Submitted by: Edith Iwan, NM

Q & AI am completing a 18X24 greenhouse/place to relax and I live at 7,000 ft elevation in NM. I want to know your choise if you could only grow 1 tomato and 1 cucumber plant. Also, if I buy a high pressure sodium light to produce more fruiting, where do you put it when you have climbing plants? Does it have to be moved up as the plants grow? Continue reading

Now is the Time to Get Ready for Winter

weatherizing the greenhouse

Have you checked your vents for leaks? It is time to be sure that your greenhouse is tightly sealed from cold air. Just a few small air leaks can drop the temperature of your greenhouse immensely. Look into applying weather-stripping to all vents and doors. I prefer the more compressible (and cheaper) foam tape, because it allows for the vents and doors Continue reading

Tomatoes thrive in a short growing season using a greenhouse

tomatoes grown in greenhouseLook at what I grew from March to early October in my unheated backyard Wyoming greenhouse!

Like many greenhouse growers I live in a short season area where growing tomatoes outside results in poor yields. The  best option is to grow indeterminate tomatoes up strings vertically in the greenhouse. I get bushels of fruit every year. One tip I have found is to use fish based fertilizer early in the season. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in diseases. Later in the season I switch to more balance fertilizers.