About the Book

Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion

-by Shane Smith

The revised and expanded Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion is NOW AVAILABLE!

book, GREENHOUSE GARDENER’S COMPANION is user friendly and written simply enough for the novice while providing advanced knowledge for the master gardener. Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion has been completely revised and updated. It is larger, more complete, covers more subjects and is even easier to use. It has all new graphics, a new cover and includes hundreds of illustrations.

This revision is the best yet! I worked most every weeknight for over two years to make this revision and the book the best on the subject of greenhouse gardening.

  • Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion is the most comprehensive book on greenhouse gardening ever published. Turn your greenhouse into a flower, herb and vegetable factory!

  • This 497 page book covers everything including: interior design, propagation, scheduling year-round production, solar heated or conventionally heated greenhouse gardening, natural pest control and extensive listing of over 300 flowers, vegetables and herbs!

  • It is purposefully written to transform the complexities of greenhouse gardening into simple and easy to understand language. While it is thorough enough to stimulate and please even an experienced master gardener.